About Us

Hi! My company and childhood nickname is Annie {M}, and using it reminds me of easy creativity, laughter and carefree joy--but mostly reminds me of my purpose and contribution--I’ve always been that creative little girl with big dreams!

I have come to believe that everyone’s life is a masterpiece.  Part of mine is my four kids and amazing husband.  Another part is Annie M, the lifestyle brand, which I began in 2008 while working as a self-taught interior designer.  I stumbled into designing and assembling charm bracelets which quickly evolved into a branded jewelry line that sold in boutiques all over the U.S.. The beginning was exciting, passionate and fulfilled a part of me that I never knew existed.  Unfortunately, I also experienced the great financial pain of an uncertain economy--and so began a hard, yet important, journey of closing my business, having our 4th baby, and asking myself a critical question: What is Annie M.?

Over the past few years I’ve battled self-doubt and discouragement and pled to understand the answer.  I couldn’t figure out how I could feel so fulfilled just to have it end.  I’ve learned that timing is critical and, amazingly enough, I was led right back to Annie M, but in a way I never expected:

Shortly after having our fourth baby, I was discouraged putting on a dress.  I was tired of all the layers.  I had had it.  I wanted to feel amazing.  I needed a ‘second skin’ that gave me some style on top, and a slip on the bottom—all in one.  Why did it not exist?  {It was one of those moments.}  So, with a dose of insane courage, I designed my prototype, VERSIE was born, and Annie M was resurrected.

VERSIE is the modern miracle of style, comfort, ease and function in a woman’s wardrobe and life!  The elimination of ‘bum lines’, bunching, sticking and twisting that happens underneath the ‘scenes’ is replaced with effortless style and beautifully smooth curves—combined!  YAY!

So today: What is Annie M?  It’s a lifestyle brand with passion and purpose.  I've learned that perspective is critical to progress, which allows me to see the evolution of Annie M as sacred.  I wouldn't change anything, even though the list of sacrifices are looong when you have a family…missed moments, missed sleep and sometimes missed sanity.  My tagline—“Lay Your Foundation. And Love It.”, has an important double meaning.  While VERSIE is a foundation piece to love, I also have a dream to teach women to recognize their lives as a masterpiece, and love it.  Everything has led me to this point, and it’s a beautiful thing.  Truly, VERSIE by Annie M is part of my masterpiece, it's a part of my contribution and it’s just the beginning.  I hope you will join me.